Innovative checkout barrier series
A fusion of design, technology and quality, SIDAC solutions are renowned for their focus on client needs and expectations, creating a unique shopping experience.
Attention to detail, use of certified quality material, guarantee of maximum equipment reliability and maximisation of sale area potential are proof of SIDAC’s competence and innovativeness.
Firstly presented on the market in 1993 it gained huge success thanks to the Geometric advanced design logic model. This innovative checkout barrier project now counts five classes: Geostatic, Geobox, Geostar, Geobasic, Geonomic.
Key features:
  • distinctively creative structures and systems;
  • all in one: functional, versatile and stylish or simply “made in Italy”;
  • customisation for points of sale of varying dimensions;
  • advanced design logic thanks to the innovative, practical and efficient design;
  • dynamic evolution from one to five classes of product to respond to changing market applications.

Tried and true

The clean linear forms of the Geobasic line give it an unintrusive essential look which has been widely appreciated in several markets throughout the world.

Technology applied to essential design

Flexible by design, the modular nature of the technologically advanced profiles applied in production, create a highly competitive and versatile checkout counter of traditional dimensions that can suit a wide range of retail activities from mini-markets to hypermarkets.

Functional style

The wide range of dedicated accessories render this line highly adaptable to a broad range of food and non-food applications.

Protecting the workstation

Many are the reasons to provide the operator with greater protection, for instance in cold climates where draft protection is essential or in environments with pilfering issues in addition to other external factors.

Functionality is not a matter of space

Designed to maintain full functionality in environments where space optimisation is a priority.
Progettiamo e organizziamo il tuo spazio. Dal 1970
Progettiamo e organizziamo il tuo spazio. Dal 1970