Innovative checkout barrier series
A fusion of design, technology and quality, SIDAC solutions are renowned for their Client centric focus on needs and expectations, creating a unique shopping experience.
Attention to detail, use of certified quality material, guarantee of maximum equipment reliability and maximisation of sale area potential are proof of SIDAC’s competence and innovation. 
In terms of design, ergonomics and durability, since 1993, SIDAC has been a point of reference in the checkout counter market.
Key features:
  • distinctively creative structures and systems;
  • all in one: functional, versatile and stylish or simply “made in Italy”;
  • customisation for points of sale of varying dimensions;
  • advanced design logic thanks to an innovative, practical and efficient design;
  • the Geosintesi configurator enables any checkout counter to be personalised to suit any need.
Designing and organising your space. Since 1970
Designing and organising your space. Since 1970