Pallet racking system

           CE mark

Interchangeable with the Superbuild and Unibuild series, designed to satisfy all requirements of medium to heavy duty pallet storage.

Highly competitive pallet racking product matching a high performance, closed upright profile with a technically innovative double sided beam connection solution. Superbo features superior stability, rapid assembly, excellent structural performance. Ideal for Drive-in and Push-back applications.

Key features:

  • closed upright section with excellent inertia properties;
  • structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with EN10204 standards;
  • easy and fast assembly;
  • availability of a wide range of standardised accessories;
  • unique beam connection to front and inside upright face;
  • suited to a vast range of load applications;
  • 50mm upright pitch.
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