A strategic alliance to take on the challenge of automation in the Material Handling sector



METALSISTEM Group is proud to announce a new strategic alliance in the world of intralogistics with the inclusion in the Group of ONO Lean Logistics – a division of Ambrosi S.r.l. – established to design and develop Scalable Automated Warehouse Systems.

These solutions mesh perfectly with METALSISTEM’s wide range of pallet racking, shelving and shopfitting systems as well as its automation and material handling solutions. The capital investment of the METALSISTEM Group into Ambrosi S.r.l. will form an alliance that will further expand the scope of the METALSISTEM product range into the field of intralogistics.

METALSISTEM has partnered with Ambrosi S.r.l. to strengthen its influence within the material handling sector by offering an innovative solution with a strong focus on the development of advanced technologies, including automated modular warehouse systems as well as dedicated software.

The collaboration between ONO Lean Logistics and METALSISTEM was officially announced in July 2023 following a long consultation period during which the convergence of visions and objectives was confirmed.

This alliance promises to bring simplification, efficiency and innovation to the intralogistics sector with a particular focus on sustainability and it contributes to the growth and development of advanced solutions for this evolving market.

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