MARCH 2015

METALSISTEM is happy to publish some pictures of a recent mezzanine system.

The installation features a Super 3 two-tier system coupled with a Super 6 mezzanine with some noteworthy details and accessories. This installation has been designed to stock drilling equipment; hence, the need to fit the mezzanines with doors to a pilferable area.

The installation maximises efficiency by creatively adopting standard METALSISTEM product and solutions, seamlessly melting the installation into the existing building.

The clients’ small-part needs were catered to by the dedicated Super 3 two-tier in order to provide the final customer with a perfectly balanced outcome among small parts, bulk items and serviceable areas. The addition of doors and specific accessories gives the final touch to this state-of-the-art installation.


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SAVE THE DATE: 16th September 2019

SAVE THE DATE: 16th September 2019

Theoretical seminar – “Use of experimentation in support of structural design – theory and applications”– National Engineering Register of Italy accredited course. Attendees are eligible for 6 ECTS credits.

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