MARCH 2020

This is a moment to step up to the mark. One million euros donated to support the Health Care Service and to provide for those that are fighting in the front line of the Coronavirus pandemic together with twenty thousand face masks handed out to local aged care facilities and retirement homes.

This is the gesture that the METALSISTEM Foundation has made in support of the community and to kick start a fundraising campaign in favour of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the territory.

METALSISTEM has chosen to be part of this call for solidarity as this is an emergency that impacts the world’s community of which we are all a part of. Today, more than ever, every individual can stand in support of the community.

A kind donation, each within your means, is an outreach to those that are placing themselves and their families in danger to take care of the infected.

With this gesture, the METALSISTEM Foundation wants to give a message of hope: help those that help us; your contribution will make a difference in overcoming this challenge.

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