JULY 2013

METALSISTEM is pleased to present some photos of a new reference installation achieved by our trade partner in Israel for a 3PL company. The drive-in area features METALSISTEM’s heavy duty Unibuild pallet racking series for a total number of 63 lanes, with 8.5 meters high frames, 4 storage levels and 5 to 6 pallets in the depth. The pallet racking area has been equipped with Superbo frames in 8.5 meters height, in a double sided configuration with 4 frames in depth.

The project has been carried out in a high seismic area and has been designed as a drive-in installation together with traditional pallet racking.

The overall project supplies a total number of 2600 pallet locations.


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Home appliances shop

METALSISTEM is glad to publish some pictures related to a recent opening of an electronics and small house appliances as well as white goods.

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Hard Discount Supermarket

METALSISTEM publishes today some photos of a recent installation for a prestigious large scale retail distribution chain that operates throughout the whole Italian territory.

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Wharehouse for Pharmaceutical Products

METALSISTEM presents a recent installation delivered in Denmark. The installation makes use of 7 metre high Superbuild frames with 4 beam levels plus ground for a total storage capacity of 25,000 pallet locations.

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